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When your project can’t be removed off site and you need to minimize downtime, NBW, Inc.’s team is capable of delivering turnkey solutions to you.

Whether the project demands certified welders to perform necessary weld repairs, experienced machinists to achieve OEM specifications, or rigging, NBW, Inc. has the equipment to get you back up and running successfully.

NBW specializes in 8 types of field machining services

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NBW, Inc. offers pipe “cold cutting” services, which utilize low clearance machining equipment, to perform the severing/beveling on piping, valves, headers, attemperators, and other related components ranging from 2” up to 60”.

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NBW, Inc.’s flange resurfacing services are suitable for reconditioning surfaces ranging from 1.5” to 240” in diameter, such as chillers, heat exchangers, tubesheets, vessel manholes, and other related components. Mounting equipment suitable for inside and outside projects is used to ensure the highest level of quality and service for your reconditioning needs.

Elliptical Manway Resurfacing Photo (edit)

NBW, Inc. provides “single point” resurfacing of pressure vessel manway gasket sealing surfaces, including size ranges 11” x 15”, 12” x 16”, 14” x 18”, and 18” x 24”. NBW, Inc has the capabilities to machine surfaces with a smooth finish or phonographic finish based on your gasket sealing requirements.

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When you need drilling and tapping, stud removal, reaming, or other related applications performed on your site, NBW, Inc. has the portable drilling services you can rely on. We use both magnetic and bolt-on drilling equipment that’s capable of producing hole sizes up to 2 ¼” in diameter (standard configurations). 

Portable Milling Photo

NBW, Inc. provides a wide variety of clients with milling services utilizing linear and Gantry style equipment for precision results. Our portable equipment is ideal for pump bases, dividers on tube sheets, motor bases, upsetters, press beds, die cast platens, shaft keyways, and other related components.

Portable Line Boring (edit)

If you need precision line boring and facing services such as reconditioning hinge pin bores for heavy equipment, bores in stamping presses, tooling die pockets in extrusion presses, and many other industrial applications, NBW, Inc. has the portable line boring services you need. 

Shaft Turniing Photo

For damaged bearing journal areas, NBW Inc., provides clients with portable shaft and journal machining services. Our service capabilities range from 1.5” up to 24” in diameter and do not require rotating the shaft during the repair process. 

Heat Treating & Stress Relieving Photo

NBW, Inc. offers localized resistance heat treating and stress-relieving for preheating and post weld heat treatment of piping, valves, weld repairs, and for fitment of precise components during assembly. 

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