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Meeting Your Needs

Boilers and furnaces require safe operation, monitoring, and control of the burner equipment and combustion process. Not only is the initial selection of equipment important, but proper upkeep is essential to maintaining safe and efficient operation.

From the burner flame safety management system to the combustion control system, as well as integrating these systems into a plant’s monitoring network, NBW can accomplish any goal by coordinating and implementing a plan that meets the customer’s needs and wants.

Exceeding our Competition

NBW, Inc. is the premier supplier of control and burner management systems for all types of fired equipment and other related equipment, including boilers, de-aerators, feedwater pumps, fired heaters, and furnaces.

  • Burner management and control system design, PLC programming, human-machine interface (HMI) graphics screen development
  • PLC-based boiler control systems
  • Control systems fabrication, assembly, and wiring
  • In-house control system fabrication and wiring
  • Installation and construction management
  • Startup and commissioning
  • Instrumentation calibration and tuning
  • Burner, boiler, heater, commissioning, and fuel-air setting
  • Control system troubleshooting and redesign for an existing installation
  • Studies and analysis of existing control systems, boilers, and burners
  • Training for plant engineers, maintenance personnel, and operators

After your plant or system room is installed it will need to be inspected on an annual basis.  NBW offers all the services to help you keep up with your annual maintenance. 

We are experts in designing and implementing unattended operator boiler systems in the state of Ohio CSD1 & NFPA 85.

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