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Refractory Services

NBW is a leader in the refractory installation field. Our knowledgeable crews across Ohio and the USA have established safety procedures for all types of refractory products. These procedures will ensure a long life for your refractory. 

Even the best refractory material will do you no good if it is not properly anchored, and poor installation can cause scalding and burning hazards, as well as gas entrapment. At NBW, not only does our installation process allow for dry out and expansion (thus minimizing cracking and premature failure), but we also help you determine the best material selection for your specific needs. 

Our Areas of Expertises in Refractory Repairs & Installations:

  • Blanket Insulation
  • Burner Throat Tile
  • Castables, air or heat set
  • Ceramic Block Modules
  • Firebrick, heavy-duty to insulating
  • Gunnite Material
  • Gunnite Mixes
  • High-Temperature Block and Board Insulation
  • Mortars
  • Plastic Ramming Mixes
  • Specialty Sections, Arches
  • Square Edge and Shiplap Tile

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