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Keystones in Building

Trust and teamwork are the keystones of our design/build method. From the initial design, building, and installation, to the final budget, our design team works together to ensure a quality project.

Our design/build team is comprised of estimators, designers, project managers, and, most importantly, the owner(s) of the facility. Our collaborative effort establishes a strong line of communication between the client and the contractors and has historically resulted in fewer schedule delays, change orders, and conflicts.

In addition, a reliable, comprehensive work schedule allows for timely completion and recovery of the job site while lowering overall cost and increasing quality.

NBW specializes in 3 types of design build Projects:

We work with you

Our expert mechanical contractor personnel is capable of handling turnkey projects of any size, location, and structure.

We work closely with you to determine the best method of installation, and we maintain communication during and after the project to ensure all your needs have been achieved.

Our expertise has primarily centered around the design and installation of a turnkey powerhouse and boiler design projects.

We offer general contracting capabilities where we handle the entire project or work closely with the owner (as they act as the general) and we guide them through the process, working together to complete their project on time and on budget.

Committed to Excellence

• Experienced construction managers
• Top-quality material
• The most modern construction techniques

A warehouse with pipes. NBW Inc.

In addition to powerhouse design builds, we are well versed in and have completed the following types of design/ build projects:

• Air Handling & Terminal Units
• Air Heaters
• Air Quality Control Systems
• Baghouses
• Battery Storage
• Blowdown Heat Recovery Units
• Burner Installations/Conversions
• Cast-Iron sectionals
• Chilled Water
• Coal Combustion Residual
• Coal-to-Gas Conversion
• Combined Cycle Plant Expansions
• Compressor Stations
• Deaerators
• Desuperheaters

• Ductwork
• Economizers
• Equipment Upgrades
• Expansion Joints
• Fabrication and Installation of Piping
• Feedwater pumps
• Firetube Boilers
• Flextube BoilersHeat Exchangers
• High/Low-Pressure Systems
• Hot Water Supply & Return Systems• Hydropower Facilities
• Make-Up Air & Exhaust Units
• Medical Gas Systems
• Metering & Regulation Stations
• Natural Gas Generation

• Package Boilers
• Power Distribution Centers
• Precipitators
• Prefabricated Equipment Installation
• Pressure Vessels
• Sanitary Waste & Vent Systems
• SCRs, Baghouses, Precipitators, HRSGs, Scrubbers• Specialty Piping Systems
• Stack Erection
• Structural Steel Support
• Superheaters
• Tank Farms
• Turbines
• Wastewater Treatment Facilities
• Water Pump Stations
• Watertube Boilers

Support is always available to you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Want to see for yourself why NBW has a reputation as the most complete turnkey mechanical contractors in our industry? We invite you to visit our facility in Cleveland, Ohio, or one of our construction projects, and see first-hand our level of attention to detail.

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